Rasstandard/Breed Standard

Rasstandard (Sverige)
Breed standard (UK)
The Illustrated Cairn Terrier Breed Standard (UK)
Cairn Terrier Breed Standard (US)

Rasspecifik Avelsstrategi Cairnterrier


A brief history of the Cairn Terrier
Mrs J Alastair Campbell, Brocaire Cairns


Forehand and Hindquarters of a Cairn
World Cairn Symposium, United Kingdom 2013

Articles from Breeding Better Dogs

Video interview with Lydia Hutchinson, judge and breeder of Wolfpit cairns

Andrew Brace on Pedigrees, Critiques and Skillful Handlers (podcast)

Bitch line is the key


Cairn Terrier clubs around the world

Cairnterrierklubben (Sweden)
Cairngruppen i Danmark (Denmark)
Cairnterrierikerho (Finland)
The Cairn Terrier Club (UK)
The Cairn Terrier Club of America



Svenska Terrierklubben
Östsvenska Terrierklubben

Kennelklubbar/Kennel Clubs

Svenska Kennelklubben
Fédération Cynologique Internationale


Ämnen jag känner starkt för/Pet peeves

Reexamining the early spay-neuter paradigm in dogs

Exercises For Young Dogs (and some facts about what spaying/neutering does to your young dogs bones)